Survey: Most Texans Favor Renewable Energy Development


A new survey shows that a vast majority of Texas residents believe it is important for the state to develop and use renewable energy – even if it costs them more on their monthly electric bills. The survey of 993 registered voters (with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.2%) was conducted in April by Baselice & Associates Inc.

The findings show 85% of those polled believe Texas should increase the production and use of renewable energy sources like solar power. Of those, 59% ‘strongly’ favor increasing production of renewable energy. Currently, about 90% of the energy Texas produces comes from nonrenewable sources.

Additionally, more than 79% of Texans – including 71% of Republicans and 73% of self-identified conservatives – support financial incentives, such as loans, subsidies and temporary tax reductions to recruit renewable energy businesses and associated jobs to Texas.

According to the survey, a full 61% of respondents agreed that the state should require a certain percentage of the state's electricity to be generated from solar power.

SOURCE: Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation

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