Sustainable Energy Fund Elects New Board Members


The Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF), an Allentown, Pa.-based nonprofit organization that promotes the use of renewable energy, has elected new officers at its annual public and board of directors meetings.

Gary F. Lamont was appointed chairman of the Board, Dennis A. Maloskey was named vice chairman, and Alan A. Roman was named secretary and treasurer. Other directors appointed were Arthur E. Morris, Eric Epstein, G. Scott Paterno, Andrew Stein and Robert Davis.

‘The new Board is looking forward to working together to continuing to support projects and educational endeavors that focus on alternative energy sources and conservation benefiting residents throughout Pennsylvania and beyond,’ says Lamont.

Last year, the SEF implemented several new energy-efficient programs. Among them is the Solar Scholars program, which allows undergraduate and graduate students to learn about the solar photovoltaic field at Pennsylvania universities and colleges.

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