Sustainable Energy Supplies Inverters For Canadian Kits


Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. says its Sunergy inverter, which is manufactured in Ontario, has been chosen to power 3 MW (600 units) of solar kits to be packaged by Ontario Solar Manufacturing Corp. (OSM).

OSM has assembled a package of solar kits to be sold into the burgeoning Ontario market, which has over 201 MW of conditional contracts offered by the Ontario Power Authority and only 47 MW of projects currently installed, according to the companies. The kits use 100% Canadian technologies.

‘Creating prepackaged solar kits allows us to bring down the cost of a solar system to a price point most people can afford,’ says John Gamble, president and CEO of OSM. ‘The Sunergy inverters are a key part of our kit design, ensuring every system operates with industry-leading efficiency and quality.’

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