Sustainable Energy Technologies Partners With Copcisa


Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. says it will collaborate with Spanish construction and energy company Copcisa Corp. to develop and market a massively parallel thin-film PV solution for industrial rooftops and building-integrated applications in Spain.

Under a recently signed agreement with ISTEM SLU (a member of the Copcisa Industrial group, the construction division of Copcisa Corp.), Sustainable and ISTEM will each contribute to developing a bundle consisting of thin-film PV modules, extra-low voltage inverters, and racking and wiring for rooftop and building-integrated solar PV systems. The PV modules will be arranged in a massively parallel array, so that each module performs optimally and independently of the other PV modules in the string, Sustainable says.

It is intended that the bundle will be marketed exclusively in Spain by a joint venture or corporation owned and controlled equally by Sustainable and one of the companies within the Copcisa Industrial Group. Under Spanish law, all new industrial commercial and institutional buildings must incorporate solar power into the building design.

‘Thin-film PV offers a substantially lower cost per watt solution than conventional crystalline PV,’ says Michael Carten, president and CEO of Sustainable Energy. ‘Our goal is to further reduce the cost per watt by delivering a massively parallel bundle, which improves total system performance, and enables 100-percent area coverage, with reduced installation costs. This is only possible with an extra-low-voltage inverter like Sustainable's.’

Source: Sustainable Energy Technologies

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