Swissturn Solar Installation Offsets 24/7 Electricity Needs


Swissturn/USA, a manufacturer of fine-precision metal and plastic components, has partnered with Hopkinton, Mass.-based Solect Energy Development to install a 135.5 kW solar energy system on the roof of Swissturn's Oxford facility.

The system features 451 panels from ET Solar, Solectria inverters and mounting hardware from Ecolibrium's Ecofoot 2.

The company consistently racks up massive energy bills due to Swissturn's computer-controlled machines that run 24/7. By installing this solar system, Swissturn will cover up to 30% of its electricity costs, saving up to $20,000 a year.

In addition to the cost savings, Swissturn will also take advantage of state and federal financial and tax incentives, including solar renewable energy certificates.

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