Symyx Receives DOE Grant For Solar Thermal Energy Research


Symyx Technologies Inc. has been awarded a grant by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to conduct the research and development of advanced heat-transfer fluids for solar thermal power generation. Symyx's research will focus on developing new, breakthrough materials for lowering the cost of electricity and providing cleaner energy sources.

By funding Symyx's work, the DOE hopes to foster the development of an advanced heat-transfer fluid that can operate within a temperature range from 80 degrees C up to 500 degrees C, the company says. The new heat-transfer fluid, when used with other advanced technologies, could significantly decrease solar electricity cost to as low as $0.05 to $0.07 per kWh.

In its research, Symyx is utilizing proprietary tools, such as Symyx Powdernium, and its own scientific informatics software to screen deep eutectic salt formations, critical to the discovery of materials with low melting points that are able to withstand higher maximum temperatures. Following the screening phase, Symyx will conduct field testing of new material candidates, with the goal of developing a new, advanced heat-transfer fluid for commercialization in the solar thermal power industry.

SOURCE: Symyx Technologies Inc.

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