Tabuchi Electric Launches Residential Solar-Plus-Storage Solution


Tabuchi Electric, a residential solar inverter manufacturer in Japan, says it has entered the North American market by launching a residential solar-plus-storage solution, the EneTelus Intelligent Battery System (EIBS).

The plug-and-play system combines a solar and storage hybrid all-in-one inverter with a lithium-ion battery. The grid-friendly solution, which comes with a 10-year warranty, provides faster payback and can reliably reduce peak loads and demand charges for many years, says Tabuchi.

"Rather than creating a patchwork of batteries and inverters, we've optimized our technology to include everything in one system," says Harumi McClure, general manager of Tabuchi Electric of America.

Features of the EIBS include as follows:

  • 3 maximum power-point tracking 5.5 kW solar inverter;
  • Bi-directional, DC-to-DC battery converter;
  • Automatic transfer switch;
  • Battery charge controller (battery management system); and
  • 10 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The company says it will also be offering an inverter for commercial customers: the EneTelus Mega Value System.

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