Taco Expands X-Pump Block System


Taco Inc. has expanded all-in-one X-Pump Block for solar thermal applications. The patent-pending Taco Solar X-Pump Block (SXPB) is a complete solar mixing system, combining a variable-speed solar mixing control, heat-source circulator and heat exchanger into a single unit.

The unit's stainless steel, brazed plate counterflow-style heat exchanger provides complete system isolation between the heat creation source side of the system (solar collector) and the heat sink side (storage tank).

The versatile, bronze-cased SXPB can be set up to maintain a setpoint differential between the solar collector and a primary and optional auxiliary storage tank, the company notes. It can also support a booster pump as part of a drainback system, and it features an intelligent heat-dump option and freeze protection for open systems.

The SXPB's variable-speed circulator control package controls the speed of the water flowing through one side of the heat exchanger to satisfy the heat transfer requirements between both sides of the heat exchanger while maintaining proper delta T over an extended period of time. The variable-speed control matches the output of the collector to prevent circulator short cycling increase performance by 20%.

Taco: (401) 942-8000

SOURCE: Taco Inc.

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