Tata BP Solar Adds New PV Cell Production Line In India


Tata BP Solar, a joint venture between BP Solar and Tata Power, has added a new production line of 32 MW of solar photovoltaic cells at its plant in Bangalore, India.

Added to its existing cell capacity of 52 MW, this new line brings the company's total cell capacity to 84 MW, with module a capacity of 125 MW.

‘Global demand for solar is expected to grow over 80 percent in 2010, and in India it is likely to grow fivefold, to 150 MW,’ says Reyad Fezzani, CEO of BP Solar. ‘In the longer term, the Indian market is poised to become a world-scale market by 2022, stimulated by the supportive policies announced by the government of India.’

SOURCE: Tata BP Solar

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