TEAL Electronics Adds 1,000 VDC Ratings To Combiner Boxes


TEAL Electronics, a San Diego-based subsidiary of SL Industries Inc., has expanded its TEALsolar configurable combiner box for commercial- and utility-scale solar systems to now include 1,000 VDC ratings.

The TEALsolar combiner box is available in configurations from eight strings to 36 strings, with options for DC disconnects and transient-voltage surge-suppression devices integrated into the unit. Fuses also come standard, and are available up to 30 A per string, depending on the number of strings and the overall current rating of the configuration.

Enclosure options available are NEMA 3R, 4 or 4X enclosures in painted steel and non-metallic materials. The new 1,000 VDC rating under UL-1741 applies to the entire configurable product family, the company notes.

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