TEAL Electronics Debuts PVobserver String Monitoring And Communications System


TEAL Electronics, a San Diego-based subsidiary of SL Industries Inc., has introduced the PVobserver, a new string monitoring and wireless communication option for its configurable combiner box product line for commercial and utility-scale solar PV systems.

The TEAL PVobserver is an optional embedded unit in the TEALsolar configurable combiner box, which is typically installed between the solar PV modules and the grid-tied solar PV inverter. It is designed to monitor the current of each PV module string, as well as the string voltage, and communicate the processed data to the internet via standard communications protocols and connections.

The TEAL PVobserver is also SunSpec-compliant and communicates easily with other SunSpec-compliant PV monitoring systems, the company says. The initial product offering of the flexible PVobserver platform will consist of individual string current monitoring, combined DC bus voltage monitoring, a microprocessor-based PVobserver control module for communications and power calculations, and a symbiotic power supply.

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