teamtechnik Announces New High-Speed Solar Cell Stringer


Germany-based teamtechnik has introduced its Stringer TT2100, a single-track stringer system that the company says solders solar cells in a 1.7-second cycle, or at 2,100 cycles per hour.

teamtechnik claims each of its new high-speed systems offers an annual output of 65 MW; therefore, a full teamtechnik layup system, with two TT2100s and a six-axis robot, achieves a total output of 130 MW per year.

The new STRINGER TT2100 can process solar cells with up to six busbars, and systems that are initially equipped to process fewer busbars can easily be upgraded to handle six later on. This applies both to full cells and half cells.

According to the company, the new stringer is compact and needs less production space than its predecessor system. At the same time, teamtechnik says it has reduced the electricity and compressed air consumption by another 10%.

“The pressure on costs in the solar industry is still enormous, so we are constantly striving to improve the performance of our stringer systems. With system availability of up to 98 percent and exceptionally high output, we help our customer to cut their production costs continually,” says Axel Riethmüller, executive vice president at teamtechnik.


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