teamtechnik Develops Stringer Featuring Laser Technology


Freiberg, Germany-headquartered teamtechnik, a provider of automation products, has developed the TT 1200 stringer and plans to formally unveil the machine at the upcoming European Solar Photovolatic Energy Conference, to be held Sept. 21-24 in Hamburg, Germany.

The TT 1200 stringer applies laser-based technology to solder solar cell strings. According to teamtechnik, the laser technology offers enhanced flexibility for dealing with a range of materials, as it achieves optimal results when soldering different cell, ribbon and flux combinations.

All TT stringers feature contactless, controlled soldering technology. The controlled process technology compensates for variations in cell material to minimize breakage, while always ensuring consistent string quality, the company adds.

Each of the heating zones in the TT stringer can be adjusted individually. This feature allows operators to precision-tune the temperature in each zone, providing the ideal thermal conditions for each cell type prior to, during and after the soldering process.

A hold-down device guarantees that the ribbons are precisely positioned on the cells. The resulting strings are of excellent geometrical quality in their alignment, linearity, length, cell intervals, and cell and ribbon positioning, teamtechnik says.

teamtechnik: 49 071417003162

SOURCE: teamtechnik

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