Tech Giants Urge North Carolina Legislators To Scuttle Bill Revising Renewable Energy Policies


Apple, Google and Facebook sent state legislators in North Carolina a letter opposing a bill (H.B.332) that includes revisions to renewable energy and energy-efficiency policies.

The tech industry giants, writing to the leaders of both houses of the General Assembly under the aegis of nonprofit TechNet, assert their standing as major employers and electricity consumers in North Carolina. They take issue with measures in the bill that would appear to weaken the state's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) and standard-offer power purchase agreement (PPA).

‘As global companies providing services to consumers around the world from our operations in the state, a reliable, sustainable electricity supply is critical and requires sourcing power from renewable energy,’ the letter says. ‘In fact, the right and ability to access power from renewable resources is not merely a goal, but an expectation.’

The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, which applauds the TechNet letter, has strongly opposed efforts by the Senate to freeze the REPS at 6% and reduce the maximum size of projects covered under the standard-offer PPA from 5 MW to 100 kW, as well as other policies.

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