Teknek Releases Solar Cell Cleaning Technology


Teknek, a provider of contact cleaning technology, has introduced Nanocleen, a contact cleaning system for the solar cell industry. The company says it has created a new generation of contact cleaning technology, with advanced contamination and static control features.

Nanocleen is designed to combat one of the key problems facing PV cell manufacturers: Particles and contamination can become trapped between layers, affecting the efficiency of the cells. Conductive materials that are present at the production stage can lead to corrosion of the finished product, which may only show up when the product is in the field. Used to remove contamination, the Nanocleen system can dramatically increase yields, improve cell efficiency and cut waste of expensive raw materials, according to Teknek.

At the core of the Nanocleen system is a specially formulated roller and adhesive roll designed to remove particles down to 25 nm in size. The roller dissipates static in addition to removing contamination, and both components are silicone-free.

Teknek: 44 01415688100

SOURCE: Teknek

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