Tendril Expands Software For Community Solar Market


Colorado-based Tendril is extending its Energy Services Management software platform for utilities to the community solar market segment.

The Tendril Community Solar system is intended to help utilities with customer acquisition, lead qualification and sales, and ongoing consumer engagement.

The customer acquisition tool includes direct mail and email communications that utilities can use to educate customers about the value of community solar and to generate interest by showing individualized benefits. It also enables utilities to generate inbound leads by targeting customers based on their propensity to act and driving them toward a call to action.

On the consumer side, utilities can provide community solar customers with online portals through which they can manage their community solar panels as if they were on their own rooftops. The system provides enhanced communications around the customer's real-time PV generation data, as well as useful tips and actions. It also shows an overview of household electricity consumption and PV generation, as well as targeted insights and offers for related products and services, allowing users to change their behaviors to make better use of their generation.

‘Some may see solar as a threat to the utility business model,’ says Adrian Tuck, CEO of Tendril. ‘However, forward-thinking utilities don't see it that way. They see that community solar represents a tremendous opportunity.’

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