Tenesol To Install 500 PV Projects For Large-Scale Smart Grid Initiative


Global solar provider Tenesol has entered an agreement to install 500 PV systems and 250 converters for a new project intended to develop a smart grid in France's overseas territories. The work is part of the 30 million euro, four-year Millener project, which is funded by the French government.

According to Tenesol, the Millener project will allow homes to supply and manage their own electricity with the support of renewable energy. It will also permit more demand-side power management for homes and support the local electricity grid.

‘The scale of this project shows the French government's commitment to smart grid networks that work with renewable energy,’ notes Benoit Rolland, managing director of Tenesol.

The first installations of the project will be at residences on the islands of La Reunion and Corsica, in addition to other French island territories. Each PV system will have a maximum power output of 3 kW and will be installed on residential rooftops. The converters have been specially developed for this type of installation, Tenesol adds. The systems will be installed by early 2012.

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