Tennessee Solar Energy Association Announces Plans, Receives Nonprofit Status


The Tennessee Solar Energy Association (TSEA) has gained official recognition as a not-for-profit entity. The organization was founded on July 4, 2009 and says it has since been in the lengthy process of achieving this status with help from the Knoxville College of Law at the University of Tennessee.

With this news, TSEA can now receive grant funding and is considered a charitable organization; any donations made to the organization are now considered tax deductible. This will likely attract new members throughout the state of Tennessee who wish to show their support for adoption of more solar power, according to the organization.

In addition to running the upcoming Knoxville Solar Tour, sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society, TSEA plans to provide public demonstrations of solar technology, publish a periodical to highlight state-wide initiatives to increase solar power, create a database of potential solar sites across the state, and perform an economic study on the investment potential in solar energy.

SOURCE: Tennessee Solar Energy Association

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