TEP Signs 107 MW Solar Power Purchase Agreement


Electric Power (TEP) has agreed to purchase the output of 10 new solar power systems, as well as other renewable energy projects. TEP has submitted the agreements to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) for review. ACC's endorsement would allow developers of the systems to proceed with efforts to finalize financing, secure land rights and clear other necessary hurdles in order to complete the projects in time to begin providing power in 2011 or 2012. The solar projects, with a combined capacity of 107 MW, would be developed in the Tucson area under the contracts. The projects include three solar photovoltaic arrays built with fixed, stationary panels, including systems capable of generating 35 MW, 25 MW and 5 MW; four PV arrays that track the sun's arc across the sky along a single axis, including one rated at 12 MW, another at 4 MW and two sized at 5 MW apiece; and three concentrating solar power systems. One of these systems would be capable of generating 12 MW, while two others would produce up to 2 MW each. All of the announced projects are in the planning stages, and some of them may not be built if the developers are unable to arrange financing or clear other necessary hurdles, TEP says. SOURCE: [link=http://www.tucsonelectric.com/]Tucson Electric Power[

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