TEP To Offer Output Of New Solar Project Directly To Customers


Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has unveiled a new 1.6 MW PV project and will offer a new program for its customers that allows them to buy the array's solar energy directly from TEP.

The array was developed for TEP by Tucson-based SOLON Corp. in the Solar Zone at the University of Arizona's Science and Technology Park in southeast Tucson. The system's output will be sold directly to customers through TEP's new Bright Tucson Community Solar program.

Beginning Feb. 1, energy from the array will be available in 150 kWh blocks that will add $3 apiece to monthly bills. TEP customers can purchase some or all of their energy through the program, reducing or eliminating their use of conventional power.

The new system is expected to produce enough power to make 1,600 blocks available to TEP customers. Additional blocks will become available as TEP expands its local solar generating resources. The company adds that it will invest $28 million this year in such systems and has proposed similar plans over the following three years at a level that would result in new capacity totaling 28 MW.

The 1.6 MW array features SOLON's Velocity MW Solar System, which provides preconfigured modular solar fields. The system incorporates 11 single-axis trackers, utilizing 5,808 275 W solar modules manufactured at the company's Tucson facility.

SOURCE: Tucson Electric Power

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