Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association Launches Grassroots Initiative


The Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) has begun a new strategic initiative designed to increase the awareness of TREIA and renewable energy opportunities in Texas.

The new initiative, called Friends of TREIA, focuses on engaging Texans in the political process. A newly created Web site – www.friendsoftreia.com – will be the center of the effort, TREIA says.

‘We want to seize upon the enormous popularity renewable energy has in the state of Texas by creating and mobilizing a network of average citizens and empowering them to become forceful advocates for renewable energy at the local and state level,’ says Russel Smith, the executive director of TREIA.

TREIA has also started a political action committee (PAC) called the TREIA PAC, which will follow the friendly incumbent rule and assist sitting members of the legislature and other statewide officials who have shown a willingness to support renewable energy in Texas.

SOURCE: Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association

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