The Solar Foundation Releases New Solar Guide For Homeowners Associations


The Solar Foundation (TSF) has announced a new guide designed to educate homeowners association (HOA) boards and other managers of planned communities on best practices for encouraging solar development.

The guide, ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Encouraging Solar Development through Community Association Policies and Processes,’ offers HOA-governed communities policies and tips for overcoming administrative roadblocks to pursuing solar energy.

‘Currently, approximately 13 million housing units in the United States are governed by homeowners associations,’ says Philip Haddix, TSF project manager. ‘When architectural guidelines governing solar energy systems are unclear, when approval processes are overly complex, or when allowable restrictions reduce or eliminate the financial benefits of going solar, homeowners can be more reluctant to adopt solar. The recommendations presented in our guide provide HOA leaders with simple measures they can adopt to overcome these barriers to solar development.’

TSF says its guide provides examples of actual architectural guidelines in use across the nation today that have been developed to protect community interests while allowing for solar development to occur. Also, the guide includes information on solar rights provisions set out by states.

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