The Solar Program Launches Affiliate Network On East Coast


The Solar Program, a privately held residential solar sales and marketing company, has launched an affiliate partnership program in New Jersey and New York that will allow local solar and home improvement companies to offer homeowners solar panels installed directly by the manufacturer.

According to a release from The Solar Program, these partnerships provide stricter quality control standards, create new revenue for affiliates and improve the public image of the solar industry as a whole.

The Solar Program says this new affiliate network will allow local companies to qualify and educate homeowners on available solar programs, and then, the manufacturer will take over the process, including design, permitting, interconnection, incentive applications, project management and installation. According to the company, this enhances the homeowner’s experience by eliminating subcontractors and third-party installers, which ultimately saves on costs.

The Solar Program says it is actively recruiting and working with affiliates in the New Jersey and New York markets and will soon offer opportunities throughout the entire East Coast.

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