The Solar Program, SunPower Partner To Offer SunPower Direct In NYC


The Solar Program, a New York-founded solar marketing and sales company, and SunPower Corp., a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, have teamed up to offer a direct solar solution that enables New York homeowners to purchase, finance or lease SunPower panels and deal directly with the manufacturer.

According to the partners, this direct structure allows SunPower to be involved in the entire process, through design, permitting and even install. Seeing as solar companies traditionally use subcontractors to provide their customers’ installations services, the SunPower Direct solution is a markedly different option for solar customers.

“It makes perfect sense,” says Keith Finkel, CEO of The Solar Program. “We have brought solar to more New Yorkers than anyone else. Who better to oversee the design and install of your solar system than the company that manufactures and warranties your solar system?”

According to the joint release, The Solar Program will be the first point of contact for those looking to go solar, and it will qualify homes and educate homeowners on solar savings and other benefits.

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