Thermal Storage Solutions Releases ECX Products


Thermal Storage Solutions, a supplier of residential and commercial solar thermal heating, has launched a new thermal heating product family called the Environmental Climate Exchange (ECX). The ECX family is based on a new thermal energy management system to provide an everyday, four-season solar thermal heating product, the company says.

The first in a series of new offerings, the Radiance Series is now available for volume shipments and is designed to meet the heating needs of most well-constructed buildings year-round. The Radiance Series features a flexible design that can be easily configured to either new construction or a building upgrade.

The ECX family includes the company's patent-pending RePEM technology. Designed to actively manage stored thermal energy, the system continually repositions the thermal energy within its store to ensure its availability for use as it is needed to heat a structure, Thermal Storage Solutions explains. Through the active management of energy within the thermal store, the company is capable of providing long-term, four-season energy storage.

Thermal Storage Solutions: (802) 793-8966

SOURCE: Thermal Storage Solutions

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