Therminol Heat Transfer Fluid Selected For Solar Thermal Power Plant In Spain


Solutia Inc. will be supplying Therminol synthetic heat-transfer fluid to a new 50 MW solar thermal power plant in Lebrija, Spain, which will begin operation in spring 2010.

According to Solutia, Iberese, a Spain-based company dedicated to building and managing plants powered by cogeneration and renewable energy, selected Therminol VP-1 due to its ability to meet demanding requirements of high-temperature systems and Therminol's experience in solar projects. The plant, located south of Seville, is part of a plan backed by Spain's government to have 10 solar plants of 50 MW each operating by 2010.

Therminol heat-transfer fluid is used in the trough-shaped mirror assemblies to absorb concentrated sunlight and heat up to about 400 degrees C. The heated Therminol is used to generate steam, which drives the power-generating turbines.

SOURCE: Solutia Inc.

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