Thin Film Solar Summit 2009 Presents Event Schedule


The Thin Film Solar Summit Europe, organized by Thin Film Today, will take place May 19-20 in Berlin. According to Thin Film Today, the summit will provide a forum for addressing the most critical business challenges currently facing the thin-film solar industry in Europe.

Areas of focus include realistic market forecasts, the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques, reducing balance-of-system costs, improving module efficiencies, securing investment and finance, standardization, overcoming issues of supply and demand and more.

The conference will bring together over 25 expert speakers, including Stephan Hansen, managing director of First Solar GmbH, who will be discussing how flexibility of manufacturing methods put CdTe at the top of the thin-film value chain; Jim Thompson, senior vice president at Oerlikon Solar, who will speak about how driving thin-film PV to scale in production and integration can overcome issues of supply and demand; and Eric Oldekop, managing director at Nanosolar, who will contribute in a panel session chaired by Daniela Schreiber of EUPd research focused on reducing costs and maximizing return on investment from thin-film production.

The main presentations will be complemented by focused industry roundtables, questions and answer sessions and expert panel discussions, as well as a highly focused thin-film exhibition and industry cocktail party.

Further information about the conference is available here.

SOURCE: Thin Film Today

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