Third-Party Solar Now Capturing 74% Of U.S. Residential Solar Market


Third-party-owned solar delivered more than $938 million to the California economy in 2012 and generated about the same amount in 12 months as in the previous five years combined, according to a new report from Sunrun and PV Solar Report.

The third-party total now represents 74% of the state's 2012 home solar market. As part of the 2012 analysis, Sunrun and PV Solar Report also determined California's top solar cities based on residential system contracts. Third-party-owned solar represented 75% of the 2012 home solar market among these cities.

The state leaders for 2012 in order of total home solar contract value were ranked as follows: San Diego, San Jose, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Francisco, Corona, Murrieta, Clovis and Temecula.

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