Thomas & Betts Rolls Out New Surge Protection Products


Thomas & Betts (T&B) has released its new Hi-Tech 38kV Trans-Guard OS Shorty backup current-limiting fuse, which is intended to reduce the risk of failure in distribution and wind farm transformers.

T&B says the product ‘offers a high interrupting capability for protection against ever-increasing available fault currents,’ which can result in a reduction in arc-flash potential. It is intended to be applied in series with a low-current protective device, such as an expulsion fuse or the Elastimold molded vacuum interrupter (MVI). The expulsion fuse or MVI clears low-magnitude currents, such as those caused by faults external to the transformer and high-impedance faults inside the transformer, which are generally below the minimum interrupting current rating of the current-limiting fuse.

‘By limiting the amount of energy from the fault's source, the Hi-Tech 38kV Trans-Guard OS Shorty fuse minimizes the likelihood of disruptive equipment failure,’ says Dan Gardner, T&B's director of engineering. ‘These examples include transformer tank ruptures, damaged accessories and accessories broken from the mountings.’

Thomas & Betts:

SOURCE: Thomas & Betts

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