Tigo Energy, SCHOTT Solar Enter Agreement


Tigo Energy and SCHOTT Solar have entered a partnership designed to bring increased electronic intelligence to solar modules and increase power output.

As part of the partnership, SCHOTT Solar has extensively tested and established system compatibility, including the frame-mounting procedure, with the Tigo Energy Maximizer Solution and SCHOTT's solar photovoltaic modules. Additionally, Tigo Energy will be actively supporting the SCHOTT Solar initiative to include intelligent electronics in next-generation module design.

The Tigo Energy Maximizer Solution creates smart modules that provide up to a 20% increase in energy production, active management capabilities and enhanced safety for utility, commercial and residential solar arrays, according to the company. The implementation of the Tigo Energy PV-Safe feature, which enables the deactivation of all high-voltage DC on the rooftop, was reviewed by local fire agencies and recognized to significantly reduce risk during a fire emergency, Tigo Energy adds.

SOURCE: Tigo Energy

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