Timminco Expands Production Capacity For Solar-Grade Silicon


The board of directors at Toronto-based Timminco Limited has approved capacity expansion plans for the production of solar-grade silicon at Timminco's wholly owned subsidiary Becancour Silicon Inc. (BSI) in Becancour, Quebec.

The expansion is expected to raise the total annual production capacity of the company's solar-grade silicon facilities to 14,400 metric tons from 3,600 metric tons. According to Timminco, plans call for a new production facility equal in capacity to the manufacturing plant currently being commissioned.

In addition, new production lines will be installed in BSI's existing silicon metal facility in Becancour to process first-pass material. The balance of the project will comprise the construction of new buildings for packaging and shipping, maintenance and employee services.

Funding of the project will come from current liquidity, customer deposits under long-term supply agreements and expected cashflow from operations. Existing long-term customer-supply contracts commit BSI for delivery of up to 6,000 metric tons per year beginning in 2009, the company adds.

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