Tinnerman Debuts Solar PV Mounting Products


A Raymond Tinnerman, a global supplier of fastening products, has added the PowAR Grip and the PowAR Snap to its line of solar products.

The PowAR Grip is a clamp developed specifically to attach quickly to standing-seam roofs, while the PowAR Snap allows for solar panels to securely lock into place with just the weight of the panel.

The PowAR Grip slips into place over the roof seam without additional tightening for simple preassembly and features a prevailing torque nut that eliminates the need for yearly checks of torque value, the company says. The PowAR Snap is designed to securely slip onto a solar panel and then, with its own weight, lock with a standard unistrut already attached to the PowAR Grip.

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