TiSUN Develops New Solar Thermal Products


TiSUN, based in Tyrol, Austria, says it is focusing on developing solar components, enhancing existing products and expanding its range of solar stations in the large-systems sector.

The company's solar hot water set works with the new BE-SSP-E solar hot water tank and the SFRE one-line solar station with Simplex control unit. It efficiently charges the solar tank, which meets the technical requirements for a hot water system, according to the company.

The SFE one-line solar station is available in three versions: without a control unit, with a Simplex control unit or with a Duplex solar control unit. Like all TiSUN solar stations, the solar station features a line regulator valve with an integrated flow meter, a solar pressure-relief valve, and a multifunctional isolation valve with thermometer and built-in metal gravity brake.

The solar station expansion module cost-effectively strengthens the solar station's pump, TiSUN says. As a one-line module for East-West systems or for incorporating an additional tank, it increases the collector area by 25 square meters, 50 square meters or 100 square meters.

In addition, TiSUN has designed the solar BE-SSP-E hot water tank in response to market needs. This compact, technically simplified version can be charged with a combination of solar heat and energy from additional heating.

TiSUN: 43 53332010


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