TiSUN Supplies Solar Collectors For Sailing Club


The Yorkshire Dales Sailing club, located in North Yorkshire, England, has completed the installation of a solar water heating system. As part of the project, the club installed 24 square meters of TiSUN's large, flat FI collectors on the roof of its store room.

The solar system consists of two large collectors and is connected to a 4,000-liter cylinder that will provide the hot water required for nine showers, as well as underfloor heating.

During the summer months, the solar system is expected to cover 100% of the domestic hot water (DHW) demand. During spring and autumn, when the demand for DHW is lower, the solar system will provide approximately 50% of the DHW demand, according to TiSUN.

The installation of the in-roof collectors was done by the Halifax-based roofing specialists Ploughcroft Building Services, and the solar installation and integration with the existing installation was done by Solar Utilities of Rotherham.


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