Titan Tracker Introduces New Stirling Parabolic Dish Concentrator


Titan Tracker, a Spain-based technology firm specializing in manufacturing and commercialization of dual-axis solar trackers has developed, under its industrial property rights, a Stirling dish concentrator called the model 125-129 Stirling. The product is specifically designed for utility-scale concentrating solar power.

Each structure includes two parabolic dishes with a high reflectance-mirrors surface of 65.4 square meters. It features extreme accuracy – better than 0.01 degrees – and high reliability due to its geometry and continuous tracking that avoids high stress produced by thousands of starts and stops needed in mounted-pole trackers, the company says.

The cost efficiency of this dish concentrator makes possible the construction of utility-scale solar plants at a reasonable cost. Titan Tracker offers licensing agreements for local manufacturing to developers or engineering, procurement and construction firms interested in this technology.

Titan Tracker: 34 925770418

SOURCE: Titan Tracker

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