TMEIC Introduces Solar Ware Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Inverters


TMEIC Corp., based in Roanoke, Va., has debuted Solar Ware, a portfolio of utility-scale solar inverters for industrial markets.

The inverter line offers multiple utility-scale configurations, including Solar Ware 630, Solar Ware 500 and Solar Ware 250. The product's footprint is smaller than that of its competition, with easy maintenance access engineered into its compact design, the company says.

The inverters also include power-factor control to maximize grid efficiency, fault ride-through capabilities, reactive and active power control, and proprietary anti-islanding technology that uses slip-mode frequency shift methodology.

TMEIC also offers a packaged Solar Ware station ranging from 1.0 MW to 2.5 MW power blocks. This weather-resistant PV station, designed for utility-scale PV plants, includes PV inverters, DC recombiner boxes, and a pad-mounted transformer for quick and cost-effective installation.

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