Top Turnkey Solar Equipment Provider Adopts Sixtron System


Sixtron Advanced Materials, a developer of silane-free industrial coatings systems, says that of the world's three largest suppliers of turnkey solar cell manufacturing lines signed a multiple unit purchase order of its SunBox system.

As part of its strategy to partner with leading PECVD providers, Sixtron will work closely with its new partner to ensure the SunBox is plug-and-play compatible with all existing and future crystalline silicon (c-Si) photovoltaic cell manufacturing lines.

According to the company, the Sixtron SunBox operates alongside the PECVD system on a solar cell manufacturing line to safely and effectively deposit anti-reflective coatings and backside passivation layers on c-Si solar cells, ensuring maximum sunlight absorption and conversion efficiency. Prior to the introduction of the SunBox, the anti-reflective coatings and backside passivation layers of solar cells were deposited using silane, a volatile and pyrophoric gas that requires costly safety and handling procedures.

SOUCE: Sixtron Advanced Materials

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