Town Takes Action, Will Vote For Energy Ordinance


A renewable energy ordinance for solar and wind energy is up for a vote at the Dryden town board, N.Y., for the first time in the Tompkins county. It came about after a couple in Dryden was denied permission to build a small wind turbine behind their home.

The law would supply the town with zoning provisions to build a turbine or renewable energy structure for residences and small-scale businesses. It would provide standards for a structure's height, square footage and yard location. The law would also give the town tax incentives to build renewable energy because the town's current law excludes solar and wind projects from receiving building permits, which is required by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority to receive rebates.

The town of Ithaca is also addressing zoning issues and is holding a series of public hearings on a proposed ordinance regulating freestanding solar panels.

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