Toyota Supplies Hybrid Batteries For Solar-Storage Project In Yellowstone


Toyota has supplied re-purposed automobile batteries as the storage component for a hybrid energy system at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch facility in Yellowstone National Park.

SolarWorld solar panels with a capacity of 40 kW now generate the electricity stored by the 208 used Camry Hybrid nickel-metal hydride battery packs that were recovered from Toyota dealers across the U.S. The hybrid batteries provide 85 kWh of energy storage. Indy Power Systems supplied a battery management system for each battery pack.

The project has an estimated output of 67.9 MWh of electricity per year. The system includes a 40 kW propane generator for backup power in the event of emergencies.

On-site micro-hydro turbine systems, capturing energy from a neighboring stream, are scheduled to join the power mix in 2016.

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