T.R.A.-MAGE Debuts New Ballasted PV Mounting Product


T.R.A.-MAGE has introduced a ballasted solar mounting product that is designed specifically for flat roof installations. The company says it designed the product to provide professional solar installers a ballasted mounting solution that does not penetrate the roof and keeps the warrantees in place.

The ballasted frames are completely pre-assembled by the manufacturer. All mounting holes are pre-drilled and pre-punched, which means they require no on-roof fabrication, the company adds. As with all T.R.A.-MAGE SunFIXINGS solutions, they require only one tool for installation.

T.R.A.-MAGE's SunFIXINGS line accounts for the water drainage issues that flat-roof solar mounting systems cause. Mounted to the bottom of the frames are riser feet that lift the mounts off the roof so there is no interference with normal drainage, the company explains.


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