Trident Solar Expands Warranty On Inkjet Printhead


Trident Solar has added a new one-year warranty to its 256Jet-S inkjet printhead. Featuring a repairable design and inert stainless steel construction, the 256Jet-S can last up to 25 times longer than alternative inkjet printheads and over 100 times longer than lithographic screens, according to the company.

The 256Jet-S performs non-contact inkjet deposition of a wide variety of acid and alkaline etchants, dopants and conductive metals for direct-write, printable solar photovoltaic applications.

‘The 256Jet-S industrial printhead is unique in the market in that it was specifically designed for solar applications rather than adapted from graphic application uses,’ notes Steve Liker, business manager at Trident Solar. ‘The printhead was designed for maximum durability in the inkjet deposition of aggressive solar materials.’

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