Trina Solar Debuts Trinasmart Maximizer In North American Market


Trina Solar Ltd. has introduced a new line of products that the company says is designed to maximize roof space and overall solar power output.

The product line, called Trinasmart, includes the Trinasmart Maximizer, which uses built-in technology to find the exact optimal operating point of each module and prevents shading issues from diminishing the output of other modules with its ‘impedance matching’ technology, the company explains.

In addition, the Trinasmart Maximizer allows for varying string lengths and roof angles, enabling installers to maximize roof coverage.

The product also allows system owners to monitor system performance at the module level, track historical data and compile important system information via computer, mobile phone or tablet PC. Users can receive weekly or monthly reports, as well as monitor their system online.

As a safety measure, Trinasmart shuts down modules automatically in the event of electrical failure (e.g., flashing arc) and allows modules to be turned off remotely.

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