Trina Solar Develops New Multicrystalline Module And Cell Technology


Trina Solar Ltd. has introduced a new multicrystalline module, TSM-PC/PA05A, which features 60 six-inch cells. The module is undergoing production scale-up to be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

TSM-PC/PA05A's dimensions and high power output performance make it suitable for a wide range of applications in the residential, commercial and utility segments, the company says. The module is made up of newly developed deep blue cells called Honey. This name refers to Trina Solar's focus on the ‘sweet spot’ of optimizing a module's cost versus its efficiency, the company explains.

Powered by the new Honey cells, the TSM-PC/PA05A uses an improved backsheet, EVA, string ribbon and coating glass that enable the module to achieve power outputs ranging between 245 W and 260 W and deliver a module conversion efficiency of up to 15.9%, according to Trina.

Further efficiency improvements in the Honey platform are scheduled for 2012.

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