Trina Solar Expands Into Canadian Market


Trina Solar Ltd. has announced that it will open a new sales and business development office in Ontario and establish a Canadian subsidiary, Trina Solar (Canada) Inc.

In addition, Trina Solar, through its subsidiary Trina Solar Energy Development Pte. Ltd., has signed a manufacturing partnership with Silfab Ontario, a Canadian company with headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. This partnership will allow Trina Solar to meet Ontario's local-content requirements, the company notes.

‘We foresee strong growth for the Canadian industry that could reach 1 GW by 2015," notes Mark Paddison, Trina Solar's newly appointed company representative who has nearly three decades of experience working in the Canadian and U.S. PV sectors." We look forward to participating more directly in the growth of the industry and to collaborating with our Canadian partners to bring solar PV to the next level of adoption and popularity.’

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