Trina Solar Notes Made-In-EU Certificate


Trina Solar Ltd. says its multicrystalline modules manufactured with European-sourced silicon wafers have been certified by the independent Italian institute ICIM and fulfill the requirements for a 10% feed-in-tariff premium in Italy.

The ICIM certification process included the inspection of two factories and two tests of the final product. The ICIM auditors checked the ongoing production of the company's silicon wafer suppliers in Europe, as well as Trina Solar's ongoing production of modules with European-sourced silicon wafers. All certified Trina Solar modules will include the ICIM factory inspection logo on the nameplate.

Certified products include the TSM-PC05, TSM-PC05.08, TSM-PC05.10, TSM-PC05.15, TSM-PC05.18 and TSM-PC14.

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