Trina Solar To Integrate Zep Solar Platform In Modules


Trina Solar Ltd. has signed a licensing, sales and marketing partnership agreement with Zep Solar Inc., a manufacturer of a platform for module-integrated installation hardware. This hardware is expected to deliver significant reductions to total system costs for residential and commercial roof applications, according to the companies.

Trina is targeting to incorporate the patent-protected Zep Groove into its module design starting in the third quarter of this year. Trina Solar's Zep-compatible PV modules and Zep Solar's proprietary installation hardware are also expected to eliminate the use of bulky mounting rails and separate grounding hardware. This change will greatly reduce parts count and hardware costs, as well as allow reductions in design, labor and logistics costs, the companies add.

Trina Solar plans to sell its new Zep-compatible modules, along with Zep Solar's recently updated and expanded Zep System II hardware. The first of such hardware systems are expected to be introduced to the North American, European and Australian markets starting in the third quarter of this year.

SOURCE: Trina Solar Ltd.

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