Trina Solar To Supply 48 MW Of Solar Modules For Power Plants In India


Trina Solar Ltd. has signed an agreement to supply 48 MW of solar modules to India-based ACME Cleantech Solutions Ltd.

According to the agreement, approximately 188,000 TSM-PC05A Pieces of Honey modules will be installed on two ground-mounted solar power plants in India. The installations are expected to provide an annual output of 81.6 GWh. The shipment will be completed in the first quarter.

‘We are seeing a significant pickup in the adoption of solar power in India this year, and we are delighted to be taking part in the growth with our efficient and high-quality modules,’ says Zhiguo Zhu, chief operating officer and president of Trina's module business unit. ‘India is, no doubt, a robust and growing emerging market for solar energy.’

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