Trinasolar Partners with University to Dive into Photovoltaics Research


Trinasolar has launched a long-term collaboration agreement with the Institute of Solar Energy at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (IES-UPM) in order to pool their expertise to advance research in photovoltaic sciences and technologies.

The collaboration aims to innovate in areas such as solar panel efficiency, the resilience and robustness of solar trackers, and improving solar energy management.

With 27 years’ experience in solar, Trinasolar regards research and development as critical to the industry’s progress. Last year the company allocated $768 million to R&D, 19.7% more than in 2022, and Trinasolar’s R&D teams work closely with research institutes and universities worldwide.

IES-UPM, the world’s oldest active institution in PV research, was founded in 1979. The institution researches the fundamentals and practical applications of photovoltaics, especially in exploring new strategies to optimize the efficiency and performance of photovoltaic plants.

“Signing this agreement with IES-UPM is a major step forward for Trinasolar’s work with universities in Europe, and it plays a crucial role in Trina’s global collaboration with innovative partners,” says Helena Li, executive president of Trinasolar. “This partnership will enable our R&D team to work closely with European academic talent, maintain our core competence, and provide more localized energy solutions to European market.”

Beyond the joint research project, Trinasolar will establish a state-of-the-art training center at IES-UPM, providing the latest solar products and systems. The center will be equipped with solar technologies including solar modules, trackers and possibly storage systems soon.

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