Trojan Battery Introduces RE Series Line Of Batteries


Trojan Battery Co. has introduced its RE Series line of batteries, which is designed and built upon the company's deep cycle battery platform and optimized for renewable energy applications.

According to Trojan, the RE Series offers a number of key features, including: DuraGrid technology to provide a 10-year design life and excellent charge efficiency; a Maxguard XL Advanced Design Separator that is 30% thicker and stronger, resists stratification, extends life and lowers overall maintenance costs; Alpha Plus paste formulation, which promotes longer life and optimum performance; a Polyon ultra-rugged case design; and a seven-year limited warranty. The RE Series is available in 2 V and 6 V sizes.

‘We're excited to launch truly differentiated products for the renewable energy market,’ says Tony Grace, director of renewable energy ventures for Trojan. ‘Our new RE Series batteries have been optimized for even longer life and are backed by our seven-year international warranty.’

Trojan: (800) 423-6569

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