Trojan Battery Launches New Watering System For Flooded Batteries


Trojan Battery Co., a manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, has launched a single-point battery watering system for its line of flooded batteries for renewable energy and backup power applications. According to the company, the new watering system makes battery maintenance faster, easier and safer.

The kit's flexible tube routing allows the watering system to work with various battery bank sizes and configurations. It also features an automatic valve shut-off to control the electrolyte level within each cell, which prevents over-watering. In addition, the kit enables users to fill their deep-cycle batteries without having to remove the vent covers – an important safety feature to reduce the chance of contact with the battery's electrolyte, Trojan notes.

The single-point watering kit comes in three configurations to fit 12 V, 24 V and 48 V battery models. The kits are designed for single-string installations with the company's Premium, Industrial and Signature lines of flooded batteries. For systems with multiple strings in parallel, additional kits can be added at the required system voltage.

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